Never implement technology for technology’s sake, only when there is objective, tangible value.  And why fix processes that are not broken or can be improved?


Being technology agnostic enables the freedom to not be tied to a specific system and therefore our core belief is that your resources/processes that have been developed over time have the knowledge and experience to provide input to the technology and usage, and that any viable organization needs to stay current and leverage the latest technology in an optimized union of process enhancement and technology implementation.  In today’s world there are many mergers, acquisition, collaboration throughout the supply chain and even the consumer!  This inherently causes challenges with disparate systems a d processes that need to be evaluated, integrated, and streamlined.


Our approach involves 3 major prongs and supporting implementation and project management in a collaborative way:

  1. Process capture and Improvement Planning
    1. How are things done today?
    2. Is there opportunity for improvement?
    3. Are there processes that are not being leveraged fully? Could they be enhanced with the right technology?
    4. Is there technology that can enable these processes or improvement?
    5. Are there out of date processes that can be absorbed or refined?
    6. Have greater vision to allow your team to make the best decisions moving forward.
  2. Technology Evaluation and Implementation
    1. Is the correct technology in place to support your enhanced product development processes”
    2. Is there opportunity to eliminate redundant systems?
    3. Upgrades and configuration to existing systems to leverage latest enhancements?


  1. Integration and Data Utilization
    1. Integration with existing, new, and on-coming technology to help diminish error, and enhance productivity and quality?
    2. Leverage existing core competency from your teams throughout your organization and the supply chain.

Iterative and continuous Project management in regards to these improvements allows you to evaluate the value of these endeavors and