Product Development/Business Process Augmentation

Objective evaluation of product development and business processes and workflows. Teaming internal and external resources as appropriate - utilizing this knowledge to enhance these processes with technology, and insight from the stakeholders and groups and resources participating.

CAD/PLM Implementation, Training and Support

Implement CAD/CAM/CAE/ECAD/PLM/MES/SCM/SVC Technology and integration. Including evaluation, upgrades, migration and integration. Set up configuration, administration, training, and rollout. Internal and into the supply chain.

Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing/Computer Aided Engineering

(Analysis/Testing)/Electrical CAD/Product Lifecycle Management/Manufacturing Execution Systems/ Supply Chain Management/Service

Product Data Utilization

Help to determine and drive the best and fullest utilization of product data – into other business systems, other disciplines, into the supply chain, service, and corrective action.