Anthony Wright:

Manager PLM Manufacturing Process Development Boeing

Collaborated 2007 – 2008

Peter Peterson:

Manager PLM Systems integration, Processes & Technology Boeing

Collaborated 2007 – 2008

Kenneth Hartsock:

Manager PLM Manufacturing Process Deployment – Boeing

Collaborated 2007 – 2008

Brian Purves:

Manager PLM Manufacturing Process Development – Electrical – Boeing

Collaborated 2007 – 2008

Peter Hache

Project Manager PLM Manufacturing Process Development Boeing

Collaborated 2007 – 2008

Tom Colson:

VP Manufacturing  – Tesla Motors            

Collaborated 2007

Nina Roberts:

CIO – Tesla Motors              

Collaborated 2007

Peter Demtschenko:  

Technical Lead – Applications Engineer, Sr. Consultant, SAP                            

Collaborated 2006 – 2007

David Kramp:  

Technical Lead – Applications Engineer, Sr. Consultant, SAP                                 

Collaborated 2006 – 2007

David Pollock:  

Sales Manager  Right Hemisphere                                 

Collaborated 2005 – 2007

Jim Merry:   

Sales Manager  PLM / MFG Solutions – ADOBE          

Collaborated 2005 – 2007

Doug Halliday:

Sales Manager  PLM / MFG Solutions – ADOBE          

Collaborated 2006 – 2007

Christopher Long:

Sales Manager  (Defense)  Solutions – EXOSTAR          

Collaborated 2005 – 2007

Michael Honaker:

Technical Lead (CAE) General Dynamics Land Systems  Solutions – ADOBE          

Collaborated 1999 – 2001

Jim Hossack:

Sales Manager  PLM / DSS Solutions – CENIT          

Collaborated 2006 – 2007

Ralph Roscoe:

Director Customer Service – Delmia           

Collaborated 1989-1994

Ralph is my previous manager in regards to consulting, implementation, technical documentation, training, demonstration, benchmark, and trade show support.

Bill Dacey  – Sr. Consultant – International Technegroup Inc. (ITI) / Manta     

Collaborated 1998-2003

 (Bill’s background is “Big 6” Consulting – CAP Gemini)

Bill and I have worked on several engagements towards PLM implementation, product development process consulting and much more.  We have traveled extensively in this capacity, and worked in many different product development processes and environments.  Bill and I spent several months in South Korea defining a multi-disciplinary global PLM implementation strategy for Hyundai that focused on data utilization, integration, and interoperability across the extended enterprise of Hyundai.  Hyundai was on of the early adopters of this technology because of our efforts at this engagement.

Paul Ekholm:  Team Leader – Daimler Chrysler Technical Center                       Collaborated 2000-2003 DaimlerChrysler, AIAG, SASIG

Paul was a technical lead of implementation at DaimlerChrysler and was my main contact for when we sold 300+ seat of CAD quality software into DCX.  We had to integrate this new technology directly into CATIA and the DCX design standards and processes.  We also performed extensive internal marketing, feedback to ITI / CENIT / Dassault development, interfaced with then Enovia (CDM/VPM) tool suite, and developed and launched the entire process and usability of this new technology across DCX (including Germany) and then down into the supply chain.  Then managed the continued enhancement, development and implementation across the extended enterprise, supply chain, PLM, AutoWEB, ANX, Covisint , including interfacing with many other processes.

Paul Messina: Engineering Manager – General Motors                                            Collaborated 1994-1997

Paul was the main client GM contact and manager of my GM/PTC engagement.  I answered directly to Paul at the client site as we were developing the “EPSILON”, a world car that was to be a common platform for the Grand-AM, Malibu, OPEL, SAAB, Saturn, Buick and others.  Paul was not only responsible for the vehicle development but demonstrating to GM management how we were utilizing this new technology and PLM.  Therefore my ultimate motivation was to make Paul successful while showing GM how our application and process was superior to the incumbent.  We sold over a million dollars to GM for several years running, and infiltrated many disciplines, including R&D, Analysis, PLM, Concept, documentation, as well as manufacturing and others.

Kevin Wren:  VP Consulting  – PTC      Collaborated 1994-1997

Kevin was head of my consulting management during much of my career at PTC .  He was particularly instrumental in helping recognize and facilitate the liaison between our consulting and implementation at GM and the development of Pro/Engineer and Intralink in Waltham.  This is where our implementation and utilization of the software was breaking new ground with the technology and the software development management was brought into GM to take our defined process and technology utilization and incorporate it back into the PTC product suite, including advancing how Intralink was utilized and implemented in controlling and implementing engineering decisions, criteria and workflow considerations.

Akram Yunas:   VP – Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)  

Collaborated 1999-2003

AIAG is a volunteer organization of over 1500 companies involved in the North American Automotive Industry.  Akram is a facilitator and manages many of the more technical groups that work with product development processes, datat utilization, PLM, CAD/CAM, supply chain, and standardization issues.  I was an officer on the Product Data Integration group and we published many documents on how to utilize data throughout the value chain.  This included PLM, concept, design, documentation, CAM/CAE, prototype, testing, warranty, many others…  Akram and I have traveled extensively together and articulated the value of this research, processes, data utilization and integration work and standards.  We also collaborated extensively on SASIG involvement. 

Phil Vachon:   Sales – Dassault Systems

Chad Kameraad:   Sales Manager – PTC

Helmut Dietz:    Sales Manager – ITI Franfurt, Germany

Kay Moore:    Rand, Tokyo, Japan

Many more from many Industries ……. Ø


Software & Service Providers Ø


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Siemens: UGS/Schlumberger/Applicon




Channels, VARs, Service / Consulting Providers Ø

RAND    L&H Consulting    DASI    CENIT    AXSYS IST/INCAT    TransCAT Ø – lots more…..


Automotive OEMs Ø

GM    Daimler Chrysler    Ford    BMW Honda    Hyundai    Renault Ø


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