A Portfolio of Pre/Post Sales Engagments

Real Experience, Making a REAL DIFFERENCE!


Role: Business Development Manager  —  CENIT

Helped define and execute marketing campaigns around PLM solutions, including the integration with partner solutions such as Right Hemisphere and Adobe. Understanding many industries and a complete overview of the product development processes and PLM, I was able to help find areas where these products would add value and create and execute marketing and sales campaigns around these strategies. This includes working with c-Level management from all organizations involved, and feedback to development for product enhancement and future direction when needed.


Manufacturing Technology Data Utilization

Role: Strategy & Technology Implementation

Assisted a large furniture manufacturer in the Midwest in leveraging new manufacturing technology in the development of a strategy and business case to use the latest CAM and PLM technology to significantly improve throughput by establishing an automated system from custom order, through shipping, including tracking, and BOM generation, etc. An implementation roadmap and complete program plan were developed prior to pilot, implemented, tested, and continuously refined.


Innovator – Business Development Manager  —  CENIT

Defined and managed the development and implementation of a newly formed CENIT offering, QSAP which utilizes the SAP c-Folders/c-Projects and DMS functionality to manage APQP type of data.  Put seminars and marketing material around this allowing SAP to create a sales kit and initiative.  Just beginning to look at the AS9100 space and working with industry collaboration sites such as Covisint, AutoWEB, and Exostar.

Enterprise Data Integration


Role: Strategic PLM Advisor

Advised a team of engineering and product development process professionals on an enterprise-wide product customization philosophy. From order through automated design, updating, manufacturing testing, through shipping. Pagers and cell phones for a major electronics and telecomm manufacturer in the Midwest.


Innovator – Business Development Manager  —  CENIT

Identified, initiated and supported a vast array of marketing and sales activities around core and partnership products. Including trades shows, articles, brochures, technical papers, speaking events, initiating and managing relationships with large corporations, trade organizations, media and partners.

Enterprise Data Integration – Utilization


Role: Strategic PLM Advisor

KOREA – Advised a team of engineering and product development process professionals on an objective evaluation of PLM systems for enterprise-wide product development philosophy. Beginning with power train, working through other sub-system areas and then Body-In-White, and eventually rolled out at a vehicle level. Took the same philosophy and established secure and “seamless” supply chain portals and integration.


Role: Market Creation / Product Initiation

With the privilege of working with an innovative and brilliant developer, ITI created a new market of CAD Quality Inspection. Our product was called CAD / IQ (for Interoperability Quality), and at the time of the first release there was absolutely no other competitors in this space. Therefore, I became the lead of creating this market then selling this product to help solve the problem that had now been identified. This not only included working with companies direct, and trade shows, etc. but actually creating industry awareness through organizations such as AIAG, and then eventually globally through VDA, JAMA, GALIA, KAMA, and ODETTE. I published several articles on the subject and co-published a 164 page document that is the global automotive standard and can be purchased from AIAG.

Global Automotive Data Standards


Role: Officer, Development

AIAG is a volunteer organization of over 1500 companies involved in the North American Automotive Industry. I was an officer on the Product Data Integration group and we published many documents on how to utilize data throughout the value chain. This included PLM, concept, design, documentation, CAM/CAE, prototype, testing, warranty, many others… I have traveled extensively to publish and evangelize the value of this data utilization and integration work and standards. Eventually soliciting inclusion to SASIG – a global organization including, JAMA, VDA, KAMA, ODETTE, AIAG, and GALIA (automotive standards organization from around the globe)


Role: Channel / OEM Creation

With the identification of how ITI’s automated data exchange solutions worked and could be utilized and applied in many different ways, I identified and initiated relationships with industry portal providers to allow ITI technology to be an enhancement to the standard subscription. I worked with Auto WEB, ANX, and COVISINT to attempt to set up either subscription models for this technology or pay-per-use models as required. Also worked on several occasions with te interoperability team to help embed ITI technology in existing software solutions such as Ansys.

MRP Implementation

Discrete Manufacturing

Role: Implementation Leader

Managed the implementation of CAM, CAPP, and PLM technology across multiple locations to manage the utilization of machine tools, and mold and die design, manufacturing and testing resources. Achieving a huge gain in throughput and resource utilization, allowing for growth, quality, and delivery improvements. One of the largest mold $ die manufacturers in Windsor, Ontario.


Role: New Business Model Development

Identified and initiated a new and innovative business model for ITI’s data exchange center solutions. With a similar subscription model to the industry portals, I proposed making the DEX center available to the OEM’s for a very reasonable investment and then set up a subscription model in a tiered, pyramid model down into the sub-tier supply chains. Tier one’s may have an annual subscription of $50,000, and tier 2’s $20,000, tier 5’s may only be $2,000 – this would directly correlate with usage and requirements for a less broad suite of translation technology. This also, somewhat forced subscription throughout the supply chain for translation compliance and portal access.

Transformation Advanced Development

Consumer Product

Role: Program Lead and Implementation

Developed comprehensive program to implement early prototype development in aggressive “one-a-day” new product initiation. Through growth and acquisition, literally had a goal of introducing a new product every day of the year, and overwhelmed the advanced development and prototype group. We implemented PLM systems, prototype, modeling, and advanced NC technology to augment the utilization of resources and reuse of existing data and systems, eliminating a great deal of oversight and redundancy.


Role: Lead Consultant / Development Liaison

In my General Motors engagement, we created a very innovative way to leverage PTC CAD and PDM technology. To the extent that it was beyond the known scope of the product and became a concern for development that we were doing things that this innovative way of leveraging the functionality may not be supported in future releases or regression. I became the liaison to development in Waltham to show them the power and value of this functionality and it became incorporated as a module in Pro/E and the Pro/PDM, Intralink. This was then taken to the next level and began a series of pre-packaged solutions for specific product development areas of expertise such as power train, and others. I became the technical advisor on the functionality of this power train package – Pro/Engine which was tested at Toyota.

Re-Engineering Product Data Utilization

Heavy Truck

Role: Team Lead – Implementation

Helped develop a strategy and technology criteria, choice and implementation of utilizing appropriate data across an extended enterprise after a large acquisition. A Swedish tractor manufacture acquired a North American Grader organization, and we had to develop a global strategy for utilizing all levels of product development data from concept, through manufacture, test, reliability and warranty.


Role: Application Engineer

Assisted in the thorough testing, and release of a new software and product line focused on leveraging data in intelligent forms – “Intelligent Documentation” later called “Linkage” by CIMLINC. This included help with packaging and marketing as well.

Physical vs. Virtual Testing Assessment

Automotive Test

Role: Business Case Development

Conducted a study which was the first of a multi-phase engagement to reengineer the purchasing and management of technology and equipment for large OEM. Conducted studies across disciplines of testing from EMD, NVH, Stress, Road, etc. brought this data together to allow for purchase decisions regarding technology and equipment. Data and report was genericized and re-distribute to participants (approximately 50).


Role: Application Engineer

Identified an opportunity to get a UNIX based text editor on SUN workstations. UNIX text editors are very difficult to use such as “vi” and “sed”, and CIMLINC had developed a text editor for editing APT code for Numerical Control Machines. I was working with a SUN / Dassault VAR, I escalated this opportunity to my management.

Front-end Virtual Product Development GUI

ERP – Internet

Role: Technology Strategist/Implementer

Assisted an early stage design through manufacturing and managing all data worldwide for seatbelt manufacturer by assisting in the management of developing a front end GUI on their home grown ERP system. Allowing them to eliminate a great deal of cost in redundancy, re-design and allowed them to utilize similar parts across borders, instead of reinventing. Also allowed them to share data across these borders and time zones allowing for continuous product development on the same data around the world.

Channel Management / Partnerships — CIMLINC

Role: Training / Consulting Manager

Developed and rolled out a channel (VAR) training program which included sales and sales support training. Developed or managed the development of all necessary material and help specifications for installation, hardware support, and demonstrations/scripts.

CAE – NVH Comparison Studies


Role: Consultant / Project Manager

Helped to facilitate a team in the introduction, marketing, sale and implementation of a new CAE process utilizing Mechanica in the Advanced Vehicle Development area of GM, (Portfolio Engineering). This led to a new process, which is the early comparison study of body structure to predict stiffness, NVH, and crash worthiness. Utilizing beam elements and a multitude of configurations were able to generate 78 studies in a 2 month period, where traditionally the engineers may have generated 2 – 4 previously. Although using fairly rough data, our team was able to provide enough feedback to narrow the configurations down to 4 then 2 in that time frame. This contributed to the sale of 70+ seats of Mechanica and 2 years of consulting from Rasna and PTC. This work was performed on the Epsilon project which was targeted to be a “World Car” (Grand AM, Mailbu, Saturn, Opel, Saab, etc.), it actually evolved into the Saturn VUE.

Front-end Virtual Product Development GUI — ITI

Role: Technology Strategist/Implementer

Assisted an early stage design through manufacturing and managing all data worldwide for seatbelt manufacturer by assisting in the management of developing a front end GUI on their home grown ERP system. Later helped with the specification to “productize” this tool kit and offering into a very advanced front-end, “dashboard”/portal, toolkit and service offering. Allowing organizations to take advantage of the background geometric and database interoperability and ITI’s strengths.

CAE – Physical Testing, Virtual, Predictive Analysis and Fatigue


Role: Advisor, Project Manager, Implementation, Sales

Led the proposal and sale of, and participated in a team to implement a new, predictive, durability and fatigue process for cast metal control arms. The breakthrough process was that we would physically test the control arms on a test track, bring the data into a virtual environment, amplify loads, predict fatigue, locations, load limits, and durability. All the while generating, monitoring, and managing crucial data and reporting this engineering data in proper formats, ECR, FMEA, etc. The next phase was to predict loads on the upcoming model years, and run again in the virtual environment, utilizing all of this information to run amplified tests in the lab environment as well.

Entrepreneurship — TRACC Inc.

Role: Founder / President

Created a C-Corporation in the state of Michigan, US named TRACC Inc. (Timely, Reliable, Accurate, CIM, Consulting, Inc.) with a primary purpose of consulting and technical support to the manufacturing, tool, die and mold industry around North American Automotive. Managed and, supported, and delivered technical services over a several year period.


These engagements are all real engagements that I either led or participated in to some extent. All of the deliverables mentioned above are real and I did participate in the delivery of them to varying extents, from managing, to defining, to actual delivery. Also, the vast majority of this work was done in conjunction with technical delivery teams, partners, and of course leadership and IT commitment from the client side as well. If you would like more information or details on any of these engagements, please feel free to email me.

There are actually many more engagements that I will be continuing to add over time.

Thank you,

David T. Francis