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First of all I want to profess that I am certainly not the “all knowing Guru” of PLM.  It is my staunch opinion that there is no such person, and if they tell you otherwise, please link to my site where I have bridges for sale under $5 Million dollars!    The reason for the title? I really liked the play on words as in “Professor PLUM” in the game “Clue”!   Therefore, this disclaimer is to let you know that anything I add on here is my opinion only, with the exception of my personal credentials and specific engagements that I have participated in.  I will also be including links to other sites that I find interesting, but own no accountability for their content.   The original purpose of this site was that I have wanted to be able to direct people to my credentials and opinions, and hopefully some helpful, unbiased information regarding this technology and the challenges and logistics around real-world implementations.  In this regard, I will continuously encourage feedback and information in this forum setting, but can only be responsible for my own postings.  I will encourage any and all postings and sharing regarding data creation, utilization and management throughout all phases of product lifecycle, including how to map processes to technology and specific experiences and examples or recommendations.   I have high aspirations that as this site evolves, it will become an open resource for sharing experiences, opinions, and techniques regarding PLM across a multitude of industries and geographies.   I hope you are able to leverage this information in your world and experience, and I certainly welcome all feedback.  

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David T. Francis 


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Managing the data concerned with a product throughout it’s lifecycle from inception and concept through  warranty, disposal and recyclability.